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The Centurion Rewards program is designed to reward our most loyal guests. For every $1 spent at Bulla Gastrobar or Pisco y Nazca, you will accumulate 1 point in your loyalty account. After accumulating 200 points, a $15 credit will automatically accrue into your account to be used at Bulla Gastrobar or Pisco y Nazca. For Beehive Kitchen, for every nine bowls purchased, the tenth bowl will be free (up to $11.99 value). Special offers may also be presented to our loyalty members on occasion.

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• Receive a free dessert when you register
• Bulla/Pisco: Receive 1 point for every $1 you spend
• Bulla/Pisco: $15 reward for every 200 points
• Beehive Kitchen: Order 9 bowls or wraps and enjoy the 10th one free ($11.99 value)
• Complimentary dessert on your birthday. Can only be used once
• Special offers and rewards


Not available for third-party delivery, catering, private dining events, online orders, gift cards
If you have any questions, please contact:
[email protected]


Redeem rewards at dine-in orders at any of our Centurion Restaurant Group locations.

Bulla Gastrobar

BULLA: [boo-ya] the ability to create a stir; slang for chatter and what everyone is talking about. Simply put, a fun, casual gathering place inspired by the most popular tapas-style restaurants in Spain.

Pisco y Nazca

There’s a popular saying in Peru, “Entre Pisco y Nazca”. It translates to having fun in a social environment encompassing exceptional cocktails. Pisco y Nazca’s atmosphere is casual, trendy and fun with a touch of subtle sophistication.

Beehive Kitchen

Beehive Kitchen delivers wholesome ingredients and unique flavor combinations using fine dining techniques at fast-casual prices. 100% gluten free. Think inside the bowl.


To receive points for your visit, tell your server that you are a part of our rewards program, and provide them with your phone number, email, or rewards account number. You must let them know before you pay. We cannot add loyalty points after the meal is paid. The server will then add your phone number to the bill, and your points will reflect on your receipt. One rewards account can be used per check. If multiple rewards members would like to redeem points, let your server know at the beginning of the meal that separate checks are required. The points will reflect on your account immediately.

The rewards program allows you to earn rewards on qualifying purchases at participating restaurants. You will earn one (1) reward point for every one U.S. dollar ($1.00) you spend on food and beverages. Reward points will not be earned for any taxes, gratuities, donations, fees, or delivery charges paid. Accumulation of rewards points also excludes the purchase of gift cards, or for purchases made using Bulla Gastrobar, Pisco y Nazca or Beehive Kitchen gift cards.


For members to earn reward points, a member’s phone number or e-mail address tied to the account must be presented at the time of the qualifying purchase. Reward points are not earned for any transaction or purchase made through a third-party service provider or website, including without limitation online ordering and delivery services. Generally, reward points for qualifying purchases from participating restaurants will automatically appear on your account Immediately. The amount of the qualifying purchase equals the amount paid for food and beverages after application of any applicable discounts. Every time a member’s account reaches Two hundred (200) reward points, the reward points will automatically convert to a reward valued at fifteen U.S. dollars ($15.00) (“reward(s)”). There is no limit on the number of reward points or reward dollars that a member can earn or redeem during the effective dates of the rewards program. Reward Dollars/free bowls expire if a member does not make an eligible purchase within 365 days of earning the reward dollars/free bowl. (Reward points themselves do not expire).  A member can view the number of reward points earned by logging into their account. Reward points may not be earned if unexpected technical difficulties arise at the point of sale. Centurion Restaurant Group reserves the right to change the earnings structure at any time, with or without notice.

After accumulating 200 points at Bulla Gastrobar or Pisco y Nazca, the $15 credit will automatically add to your rewards account and be available to use on your next visit or after purchasing nine bowls at Beehive Kitchen; your tenth free bowl will be automatically added to your account ($10.99 value). Reward points earned may not be redeemed in the same transaction in which it was earned or issued. Rewards are redeemable for future use only, subject to the terms described in this agreement. Most rewards are offered for a limited time only. Check the relevant reward for expiration details. Please note that rewards 

i.Are nontransferable and may not be shared with others. 

ii.Have no cash value.

iii.May not be purchased. 

iv.are not redeemable for cash under any circumstance unless required by law.

You can either ask your server to check for you in our system or login to your account at this link. 

Link https://centurionrestaurantgroup.myguestaccount.com/guest/

To receive points for your visit, simply tell your server that you are a part of our loyalty program and provide them with your phone number or full name. You must let them know BEFORE you pay. The server will then add your phone number to the bill and your points will reflect on your receipt. The points will reflect on your account Immediately. 

For every $1 spent at Bulla Gastrobar or Pisco y Nazca, you will receive 1 loyalty point. For every 200 points, you will receive $15. For Beehive Kitchen, after you buy 9 bowls, the 10th bowl is free (up to $10.99 value), and you can only redeem it at Beehive Kitchen on your next visit.

For Bulla/Pisco, after accruing 200 reward points, your points will automatically be converted into $15 reward dollars that will be applied to your account for future use. For Beehive, once you have purchased 9 bowls on your loyalty account, a free bowl will automatically be applied to your account available for future redemption. If you earned your points at Bulla Gastrobar, you could use your rewards at Pisco y Nazca and vice versa. This excludes Beehive Kitchen. For Beehive Kitchen, you will need to redeem the 10th bowl after accumulating the reward at Beehive Kitchen. Let the team members know before paying.

No. Points earned are on dollars spent, and if the reward is redeemed, then those dollars will not be spent.

You may use a coupon for the check, but points earned will only be on the actual dollar spent.

You have one year from earning your rewards to use them. You can always log in to your account to check your balance.

Unfortunately, no.

No, it’s only available for dine-in.

No. Points are not earned on gift card purchases, taxes, surcharges, and tips.

Loyalty points cannot be collected or redeemed at special events, private dining, catering orders, or on BEO reservations, or during other announced blackout times.

If you have completed the necessary information (i.e., birthday month) in your Member account profile, your Birthday Reward is automatically loaded to your account on the first day of your birthday month. To redeem, identify yourself as a Centurion Rewards Member by providing your account information, then notify your server that you would like to redeem your available Birthday Reward. You will receive a complimentary dessert at any of our brands. You can only redeem it once. Charges for modifications are not included. Birthday Rewards expire on the last day of your birthday month.

No. Only one Reward or promotional offer can be used per purchase.

Yes. When picking up your order, identify yourself as a Centurion Rewards Member to redeem your $15 Reward (when available) or Birthday Reward.

No, the rewards are only available for dine-in.